Cats are obligate carnivores. Your cat's gut/gastrointestinal system makes up approximately 70%-80% of the immune system. For this reason, it's imperative that cats eat a high-quality, high-protein mostly wet diet in order to maintain optimal health. 

We recommend Nulo Cat and Kitten and ZiwiPeak wet food. If you choose to offer your cat dry food, we recommend all-natural, air-dried ZiwiPeak. Nulo and ZiwiPeak brands come in a variety of flavors.

Ziwi Lamb.jpg
Ziwi Dry Lamb.jpg
rag food.jpg

When choosing cat treats, it's important to remember that treat options should be species appropriate and - like daily meals - free of harmful fillers, additives, and preservatives.

We recommend Whole Life and Walk About treats. Both brands offer single-ingredient, freeze-dried protein pieces and come in a variety of flavors. They're nutritious and delicious!

whole life.jpg
Walk About2.jpg
Walk About1.jpg

We recommend World's Best Cat Litter. World's Best Cat Litter is naturally safe, biodegradable, super-absorbent, and 99% dust free!


Ragdolls grow to be rather large cats. Litter box choice is very important. Choosing a box that is too small (or not cleaned often enough) can cause urinary or gastrointestinal stress which can sometimes lead to health issues and/or unwanted behaviors such as peeing and pooping outside the litter box.


Due to size and easy-entry, we recommend - for ALL life stages - concrete mixing tubs available at most hardware stores. We purchase the 11 gal. tubs from Tractor Supply Company.

*Homes should have at least one litter box per cat. We DO NOT recommend hooded litter boxes or disposable pan liners.


Keeping a good variety of safe and effective probiotics and supplements on hand can be of great benefit to your feline companion's health.

We frequently use Ready Cal Nutritional Gel Supplement, Pro Plan FortiFlora, Nature's Energy Colloidal Silver, and ThorneVet Immugen chewables. Trusted Colloidal Silver brands act as a natural treatment for anything from scratches and abbrasions to bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. These products - along with a high-quality, species appropriate diet - are invaluable in maintaining a properly functioning immune system.

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Cats love a great spot to curl up and sleep. Ragdolls are no exception. A comfy cat is a happy cat! Additonally, Feliway plug-in diffusers help to decrease stress and anxiety so cats can rest easier.

The lounging items pictured are among our Ragdolls' favorites. These loungers/elevated beds can be found on and, as can the Feliway diffusers.

bobbypet lounger.jpg

Cats love to climb! Tall cat trees with large perches give Ragdolls the ability to climb, scratch, gain confidence, and maintain some independence as a safe place away from other pets and small children.

We have found that Ragdolls prefer cat trees with multiple scratching posts at varying heights, cubbies, and deeper perches with borders/rails to burrow in and lean against while napping. The trees pictured are our favorites - Prestige (often marketed as Maine Coon cat trees) and Go Pet Club brands. Both can be found on


Providing appropriate scratching areas for cats is extremely important. Scratching posts are essential for any healthy, well-adjusted cat. It is completely natural for cats to have the urge to scratch; this behavior should never be punished. If a cat is scratching inappropriately, there likely aren't enough cat-friendly scratching alternatives provided. Not only does scratching post use help to remove the outer layer of a cat's nails and provide good muscular condition, it's also a form of stress relief for cats that allows them to release "feel-good" hormones as territory markers. ***NEVER DECLAW A CAT***

Shown here are some of our cats' favorite scratching posts/toys. These items can be found on,, and (horizontal scratching post).

felix scratcher.jpg
Scratcher toy.jpg

In order to prevent matting and hairballs, regular grooming is important for your Ragdoll. Brushing your Ragdoll can also be a wonderful bonding experience!

Because brushing/combing is meant for maintenance, NOT damage, we do not recommend products like the Furminator or other 'bladed' brushes that cut a long-haired cat's fur coat.

We recommend PiePeaHesiry, & Soomy brands brushes/combs similar to those pictured here.

cat brush.jpg
cat comb.jpg

Regular nail trims (at least once a month) are very important for your Ragdoll.

We recommend nail trimmers similar to the product pictured here.

We do not recommend regular bathing for Ragdolls; cats are excellent self-groomers. For occasional spot-bathing or skin irritation, we recommend earthbath and Nootie brands hypoallergenic cat shampoo.