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 Joan Williams and Shelli Williams - referred to as "Center Hill Ragdolls" sells/transfers ownership of:

 Ragdoll Cat / Ragdoll Kitten


 Birth Date: _______________ Sex: _______________

 Color: ______________ Pattern: _______________

 Sire: _______________ Dam: _______________  


To: ________________________________________, referred to as “Buyer”.


We, Joan Williams and Shelli Williams, acknowledge receipt of a total sum of: $____________ from Buyer in FULL Payment (includes deposit; balance due day of pickup). 




I have read and agree with all terms of the Purchase Agreement (Page 1) and the Health Certification and Release (Page 2). I also agree that if any legal action must be taken that all legal fees will be my responsibility for both parties, and it will be done in the state of Tennessee. If this contract is breached, the 1 Year Health Guarantee will be null and void. It is understood and agreed that no warranty or representation has been made with respect to sold animal, except as set forth in this agreement. Having signed and accepted this two-page agreement, Buyer relieves Joan Williams and Shelli Williams/Center Hill Ragdolls, and all parties involved, from any and all responsibilities and liabilities. This Contract and Purchase Agreement is hereby accepted in the state of Tennessee by all said parties.


Center Hill Ragdolls                                                                              

805 King Ridge Road

Dowelltown, TN 37059


Purchase Date: ____________________




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To the best of Center Hill Ragdolls' knowledge, all cats/kittens are in good health at the time of sale. Kittens have been given - at minimum - first vaccination (Nobivac 4-way core, modified live virus) and de-wormer. Center Hill Ragdolls guarantees this kitten until one year of age against any non-curable genetic conditions or congenital diseases.

1. Buyer has 72 hours to take this kitten to a licensed veterinarian, of buyer's choosing, to have a health check completed. If the licensed veterinarian finds this kitten to have a life-threatening illness that is non-curable and not treatable, or a congenital disease, veterinarian will provide test results and a written statement explaining the findings. The kitten may be returned to Center Hill Ragdolls once the written letter is received, signed by licensed veterinarian, and we (or our veterinarian) have spoken to your veterinarian regarding these findings. Kitten must be quarantined until it is returned. Once kitten is returned, and veterinary documents are verified by Center Hill Ragdolls, a replacement kitten will be provided. If seller has no kittens available of like kind or quality at time of return, replacement kitten of equal value will be provided from next available litter. No monetary value will be refunded at any time. Buyer assumes all risk involved with buying a living pet. Center Hill Ragdolls will not be responsible for any vet fees, or for travel expenses to return kitten or pick up a new kitten. Please provide proof of initial (72 hour period) licensed veterinarian visit to Center Hill Ragdolls.

NOTE: No viruses, bacterial infections or parasites are covered under the 1 year genetic/congenital guarantee due to the fact that we have no control over the environment to which the kitten is exposed once he/she leaves Center Hill Ragdolls.

2. Center Hill Ragdolls is not obligated to replace a kitten for any reason - including future health problems or accidents - other than a life-threatening illness, non-curable genetic condition, or congenital disease documented by a licensed veterinarian in the first 72 hours of possession, or death caused by a non-curable genetic condition or congenital diseases in the first year of life - must be proven by veterinary necropsy, documentation provided. 

3. Center Hill Ragdolls and Buyer acknowledge and agree that this kitten is being purchased as a Pet/Companion.

4. Buyer agrees to provide this kitten a good and loving home. Cat will maintain a high-quality diet, enjoy a clean environment, will not be caged for extended periods of time, will be kept current on all vaccinations, and Buyer will ensure that all medical attention and treatment is given when, and if necessary.

5. Buyer must have this kitten spayed/neutered within SIX MONTHS of the date of birth. No exceptions. Written/printed documentation of spay/neuter surgery must be provided by a licensed veterinarian, and forwarded to Center Hill Ragdolls as proof of spay/neuter completion, before kitten turns 7 months old. It is Buyer's responsibility to confirm that we receive this documentation. If not received, registration papers will be denied/not be provided. Furthermore, failure to spay/neuter this kitten could result in legal action or repossession of kitten. *We will contact you in order to confirm alter surgery has been completed.*

6. Buyer agrees to never have any type of surgical procedures performed on this cat for the purpose of removing any of the cat’s claws.

7. Buyer agrees to never allow this cat to roam freely outdoors.

8. Buyer agrees to not co-own this cat with any breeder.

9. Buyer affirms that this cat will not be sold, leased, or given away to a pet store, shelter, research laboratory, or any other facility. 

10. Buyer is at least 18 years of age with valid driver's license at time of purchase.


11. If this cat is found to be neglected or mistreated in any way, or if Buyer cannot take care of said cat any longer, then Buyer will surrender cat to Center Hill Ragdolls unconditionally. If Buyer moves from listed address, new contact information must be submitted to Center Hill Ragdolls immediately. If Buyer decides not to keep cat for any reason (ex. allergies, moving, etc.), cat must be returned to Center Hill Ragdolls unconditionally; no refund is guaranteed - arrangements will be made at that time. Prior to return, Center Hill Ragdolls may require cat/kitten to be fully examined by our veterinarian, including blood work, to ensure the kitten suffers no present illnesses and is free of fleas, parasites, and of any diseases. Veterinarian services and travel costs are Buyer's responsibility.

12. Center Hill Ragdolls cannot guarantee any show wins on this cat. 

13. Center Hill Ragdolls assumes no responsibility for the pet purchased after it leaves our property. Upon signing this agreement, Center Hill Ragdolls is not responsible for any monies or situations incurred with this pet. Center Hill Ragdolls is not responsible for any medical expenses, mortality, landlord disapproval, allergy issues, or any other issues. No refunds will be made under any circumstances. Replacements will be honored with the above warranted/mentioned protocol, followed exactly as stated when needed.