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Adding a Ragdoll cat to your family can be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience. We make every effort to place our kittens with capable and loving families. It is extremely important to us that each kitten and adoptive family is a great fit, and we will help to cultivate that relationship and initiate a transition that ensures a happy, low-stress event. Making sure your kitten maintains his/her current product use/diet - at least for the first 2 months while you transition to high quality products of your choosing (and, of course, providing lots of love and cuddles) - will keep kitten stress levels to a minimum, avoiding stress-related reactions such as: runny eyes/nose, decrease in appetite, diarrhea, and/or constipation. In order to help each family get off to a happy and healthy start, every kitten leaves our home with the following:

  • ​Guidelines/Suggestion/TICA Packet from Center Hill Ragdolls

  • Vaccination and Health Record

  • Proof of Licensed Veterinary Well-Check

  • 1 Year Health Guarantee

  • 30-day Free Pet Health Insurance

  • 5-day Supply Nulo Cat and Kitten Food

  • sWheat Scoop Kit

  • Kitten Bed

  • Toys

  • Lifetime Support

Kitten pricing depends on type, color, pattern, temperament, and show quality.

We accept cash or PayPal (3% fee for PayPal).

Traditional Ragdolls (Seal, Blue) = $850.00 - $950.00

Traditional Ragdolls (Flame, Cream) = $1000.00 - $1100.00

Traditional Ragdolls (Seal Tortie) = $1050.00 - $1150.00

Traditional Ragdolls (Chocolate, Lilac) = $1100.00 - $1200.00

Traditional Ragdolls (Blue-Cream Tortie) = $1150.00 - $1250.00

Traditional Ragdolls (Cinnamon, Fawn) = $1200.00 - $1300.00

Traditional Ragdolls (Chocolate or Lilac Tortie) = $1250.00 - $1350.00

Traditional Ragdolls ( Cinnamon or Fawn Tortie) = $1350.00 - $1450.00

Mink Ragdolls (Seal, Blue) = $1150.00 - $1250.00

Mink Ragdolls (Flame, Cream) - $1200.00 - $1300.00

Mink Ragdolls (Seal Tortie) = $1250.00 - $1350.00

Mink Ragdolls (Chocolate, Lilac) = $1250.00 - $1350.00

Mink Ragdolls (Blue-Cream Tortie) = $1350.00 - $1450.00

Mink Ragdolls (Cinnamon, Fawn) = $1350.00 - $1450.00

Mink Ragdolls (Chocolate or Lilac Tortie) = $1400.00 - $1500.00

Mink Ragdolls (Cinnamon or Fawn Tortie) = $1450.00 - $1550.00

We do keep a waiting list. To be placed on the list for a future kitten, we require a $200.00 deposit ($207.00 when paid through PayPal). Kittens are monitored for the first 5-6 weeks, after which time individuals on the waiting list - first come, first serve by deposit payment date - receive first pick. Kittens remain in our care until they are 12 weeks of age - families receiving weekly pictures, once kittens are chosen, until the kittens join their families. Deposits are non-refundable. However, if current litter doesn't provide desired kitten, deposit can be forwarded to future litters, up to 2 years.








We will meet a family up to one hour away at no charge. Distances more than one hour away will be left to our discretion.

Unlike most cats that are very independent, Ragdolls are very social in nature and can become depressed and lonely

without a feline friend or lots of human interaction. For that reason, Center Hill Ragdolls offers $100.00 off each kitten when more than one is purchased at the same time - must be going to same home. It's always nice when sibling

kittens can go to their forever home together... and it makes the transition so much easier!

We also offer a discount to returning families who have previously adopted from Center Hill Ragdolls.

Visit our website often! From time to time we offer specials and discounts at our discretion...

We may have purebred rescues, surrenders, or Therapy Ragdolls at a less expensive price.

To ensure proper placement, a completed contract or Rehoming Release is still required.

Center Hill Ragdolls reserves the right to possible first pick of any litter of our Ragdoll kittens.

We DO NOT ship our kittens.

We reserve the right to refuse or cancel a sale at any time and for any reason.

If deposit has been paid prior to refusal or cancellation, said deposit will be refunded.




6 Traditional Ragdoll kittens born to

Sir Ringo and Pauli Jo

April 10, 2020


7 Traditional Ragdoll kittens born to

Sir Ringo and Alani Rose

April 16, 2020


5 Mink Ragdoll kittens born to

Sir Ringo and Evi Jane

May 5, 2020


6 Traditional Ragdoll kittens born to

Sir Ringo and Georgi Mae

May 22, 2020


We will post formal available kitten introductions/pictures below (if any remain)

when kittens are 6 weeks old, after families on our wait list have chosen their kitten/kittens.

For more information, including additional pictures,

visit our Facebook and Instagram pages - links at bottom of page.

Contact us anytime - call, text, email, message!

Deposit of $200.00 required to hold a kitten/be placed on wait list.

We currently have 8 individuals/families on our wait list.

We will not hold a kitten without a deposit.


Check back for more available kittens. 

Check back for more available kittens. 

Check back for more available kittens. 

Check back for more available kittens. 

Check back for more available kittens. 

Check back for more available kittens. 

*AVAILABLE - Ready for deposit     *ON HOLD - Awaiting deposit      *RESERVED - Deposit received      *ADOPTEDPaid in full
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