Thank you for visiting us online! Center Hill Ragdolls is a small in-home, hobby Ragdoll cattery located in Middle Tennessee near beautiful and popular Center Hill Lake. We are a mother-daughter team, and our family - having had many types of pets throughout the years - has always had a love for animals. Joannie (mom) is a Registered Nurse and Licensed Reiki Master with a focus in holistic health. Shelli (daughter) has a BS degree in Exercise Science and Wellness from Middle Tennessee State University and has an ongoing interest in Ragdoll genetics. Our combined experience and desire to continue learning about, and educating others about the beautiful and loving Ragdoll breed, enables us to maintain a safe, loving, and healthy environment for our Ragdolls to grow and thrive.


Our story began several years ago when we rescued an adult male Ragdoll. Knowing that we had taken in rescues and strays in the past - had them vet-checked, socialized, and rehomed - a friend contacted us about a sweet Ragdoll boy that was in a bad situation. We gladly took him in. Our family worked to get him healthy, provided a safe and loving environment in our home for 2 years, then rehomed him with a very sweet family. Over the next several years, we talked about Mr. Kite the Ragdoll and how much we missed him. We had other kitties and pups in our care at that time, however, and it was the best thing for him to let him go. Fast-forward almost 10 years to 2017... we did some further research on the Ragdoll breed, then decided to purchase a beautiful male Ragdoll kitten as a pet. This is our oldest altered Ragdoll - Oliver (Uncle Ollie). We quickly fell in love with Oliver (Traditional Seal Point Van Bicolor) and soon decided that he needed a feline companion, so we purchased our first female, Marie (Traditional Blue Point Mitted Lynx) about a month later. Oliver and Marie were fast friends and have a very special bond. Our love for these two special kitties grew, as did our love for the breed. With additional research and invaluable tips & education from other very kind, reputable breeders, so began Center Hill Ragdolls!

All of our Ragdolls are raised together in our home and are loved, picked up, and cuddled often - they are members of our family. We have a private birthing area where mother Ragdolls enjoy their privacy and tend to their kittens, while still having opportunities to join the adult Ragdoll family before returning to their babies. Kittens are touched, held, talked to, and exposed to music and toys at a very young age - not only to ensure optimal socialization, but this also allows us to monitor them for any problems that may need to be addressed. At 6+ weeks, kittens are moved to a larger area where they're exposed to yet more stimuli in the form of toys and overall interaction, can enjoy and explore new surroundings, and watch wildlife from the windows. Depending on individual maturity/progression, kittens are usually ready to go to their new homes by 12 weeks of age. Kittens going to their forever homes will be litterbox trained, trained to use scratching posts, have had age-appropriate vaccines (typically two FVRCP vaccinations) and de-wormer, and have undergone a thorough well-check by our veterinarian (documentation provided).


Center Hill Ragdolls is a registered cattery with TICA & CFA. All Ragdoll breeders are TICA registered. Furthermore, all Ragdoll breeders are DNA tested, with color panel, and are negative for HCM and other known genetic disorders. Additionally, all breeders are FIV/FeLV negative.