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Welcome to

Center Hill Ragdolls!

Ragdolls, commonly called "puppy cats" due to their social nature,

affectionate personality, and ability to learn skills quickly, are perfectly suited to family life. Their reputation for being laid-back and lovable makes them much sought-after furry companions for adults and children alike - and often a great fit for other family pets as well!

Ragdolls love their people... greeting them at the door, following them around the house, playing fetch, and snuggling in a lap or getting cozy in bed. Ragdolls often go limp when being held and usually enjoy being cradled on their back. Ragdolls are very easy to live with and are not excessively vocal, though you may occasionally get a sweet little meow as a request to provide some loving attention or a few extra nibbles of food.

The mission of Center Hill Ragdolls is to provide happy, healthy, well-socialized & affectionate Ragdolls to safe, loving, nurturing, lifelong homes.